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Painted Lady Butterflies

What do butterflies have to do with fiber arts?

Butterflies make silk as do silk moths and although their silk is not as strong and useful as that of the silk moth, they are part of the same family .  In an environment where mulberry is not readily available and considering silkworms are difficult to raise, butterflies are not as difficult to raise and so a good intermediate step for learning.

At least that was the plan.  In the meantime raising these beautiful
butterflies  wonderful experience in itself.  These creatures continue to amaze me and to share this understanding I have  developed metamorphosis school kits and presentations, available  every spring. 

Painted Lady Butterflies are the preferred butterflies to raise at home or school.  They are native to Manitoba and easy to raise on an artificial diet.  Similar to a monarchs in coloring, they have a smaller wingspan and have a  more delicate body and legs.  They are a very pretty butterfly.   Painted Lady Butterflies are a beautiful butterfly to release at Weddings, special events and memorials.   Releasing butterflies helps to ensure their survival.  Only 6% survive in the wild normally and all the spraying for mosquitoes , pesticides and herbicides are further cvomprimising their survival.   



Painted Lady Butterflies and metamorphosis kits are now available every spring for a great educational experience at school or home.  Chrysalis are also available as special gifts.  Live butterfly releases add that special touch to make an event memorable. Painted Lady Butterflies make great gifts for release to mark special occasions.  The gift of a butterfly to release continues a charming Indigenous People's Legend and also ensures their survival.  The enchanting symbolism embodied in the transformation of a butterfly is said to carry with it good fortune and wedded bliss and is a favorite for weddings.   

Children, adults, gardeners and nature enthusiasts all love the experience of enjoying a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis   Delivery is available in the Southeastern Manitoba area.  Delivery makes it possible to guarantee the emergence of the butterflies from these larva kits.  If they do not emerge the kit will be replaced. 

To get more information on the kits and prices please go to the Butterfly Kits page under "the Comforts" .  There is an order form for schools if you prefer but you can just send an email or phone in the order for your kits.