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Hi there everyone.  My name is Caro Mio.  This
is me at 2 days old.  I was born in September
2010.  I am called a calico llama.  We are from
the family camelids and cousins to alpacas. 
is my mom and dad.  My mom's
name is Midnight
Honey and dad is called Sunshine.  Dad is a suri
llama and his coat grows down in locks like an

angora goat.  The suri coat is a single coat and
the finest of fleeces.  My mom has a beautiful
coat too buth er coat grows like a sheep.   You
can see in the picture below how the locks grow
on my dad's suri coat.   My dad Sunshine is very
handsome llama. 



My  mom is very pretty too.  She has a very
soft coat without guard hair.  Her dad was a
champion so I have very good genes.   I will
be a silkie. My coat will be like my dad's but
without the curly locks. Both my sire and dam
are registered and I will be too.  

At 10 months old I am now ready to go to my
new home and am for sale.  I am a real
people llama and love to be petted and have
attention of visitors and make them smile at
me.  I am very charming would love to live on
a Petting Farm.  If you are interested, contact
Dianne.  I will miss her and my mom and all the
sheep and goats  that I chase and play with here.