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Fiber Art Studio Heritage Craft Gallery Educational Butterfly & Fiber Farm

Welcome to Creature Comforts Cottage, a Fiber Arts Studio
and Heritage Craft Gallery, Educational Butterfly & Fiber Farm.        
Here you will meet rare breed fiber animals, learn about their             fiber and the process involved in harvesting natural fiber for
unique handcrafted products, and find that special comfort. 

Creature Comforts Cottage also has education programs on       heritage animals and butterflies for schools in Manitoba. a         Canadian province rich in its agricultural heritage.

Enjoy your visit with the animals and experience the soft warm
luxurious products they give us from their beautiful fiber.  There
is no doubt about it, beautiful fiber is a delight to the senses. 

As our tactile senses are compromised through this web medium,
I hope you will take a moment to engage your tactile imagination 
while you visit. There is simply nothing like natural fiber.  It  feels
luxurious and will keep you warm and cozy.  It is the pet you can wear!





Each product you will find here is a "creature comfort" in
many ways, from the delight of the butterflies and charm
of the animals that grow the fiber, to the value added 
process for creating the comforts that result. Each work 
an original piece of wearable or collectible fiberart, lovingly
handcrafted 'just for you' with personal comfort in mind.
Part of the charm of wearing natural fiber grown locally

from rare breed animals is meeting the animal that grows
that shawl or those slippers.  Like agricultural food products,
it means knowing where a special hat or scarf originates, and 
that it comes as a gift of nature, human care and ingenuity. 
It means supporting ancient breeds so we don't lose their 
genetic diversity or the handcrafted skills that have been
honed for generations.  As well as  being environmentally
friendly, natural fiber products are created by a 
truly organic
process.  From nothing to fluff, which feels like no
something exquisite is created and meets that aesthetic
need we seem to have, not just for warmth but to wear
something beautiful and luxurious. 

The story about each type of fiber is told by the creatures
themselves to add to your aesthetic delight.   But you will
have to experience the benefits of natural fiber yourself to
believe them.  Included with each product is a little card,
about the animal, the natural fiber, its benefits and easy
care. These are lifetime garments and heritage collectibles
that will give years of warmth and enjoyment to be cherished
for generations. 

I hope you will find something that will delight you and
if you don't find what you are looking for please contact
me for a custom made original.   Please do sign the 

guest book.  I love to know what visitors have stopped
by, where you are from and how you like the website
(unfinished though it still is...).                
                                              Dianne & all the Creatures

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 Photos of the animals by Raven are available  as Art
Cards on this website. 
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