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The new kid on the block is Katie, a tiny little white angora doeling born on June 29, 2011.   This is a bottle baby.  It was so hot and mom had not yet been sheared.  So....I am feeding her.   Mom is a little disgruntled with me but I gave her 6 hours and she didn't eat.   She is cute. Follows me around the yard and comes to her name when called.   When Katie was born she looked like a little poodle.  Smaller than the maltese she decided to trot right inside the house with them!  Well she is now a little taller. Despite the mosquitoes, we have now moved to having a bottle out on the step instead of in the house!  But she is pretty quick and will be inside lickety split as soon as the door is open!  So here is a picture of Katie at 3 weeks old!

The animals finally got sheared on Wednesday July 13.    Just before the arrival of the heat wave!  And they sure look a lot more comfortable.   Well the sheep and goats did.  Poor  llamas are still in their winter coat.  Hopefully they will be done soon too.  



A beautiful female chocolate alpaca named "Coco" -- is coming to live at Creature Comforts Cottage with her darling 2 week old red cria.  A playmate for Katie!

But there are more:  THE SILKIES ARE COMING!.  THE SILKIES ARE COMING!     Two week old black and red silkie chicks will also be arriving this week with a White silkie hen.  Finally there will be some eggs!     So all that will remain to complete the plan are the Sebastopol Gesse.  Probably next year now.    Oh yes.  The new barn will be here soon too.  So lots of things happening .  Well that was the plan!  Someone else got my colored silkie chicks.  So I got the adults.   A black rooster and a blue rooster;  A red hen and a white hen;  an older Lavender roo chick, and an older pair of white chicks.  They really are lovely. I never liked chickens that much but there is something wonderful about these creatures. 

They love to be held and coo and chatter.  The big black roo knows when something is going on in the barnyard and calls out his opinion on it all! It is really quite charming.  And the hens lay eggs too! Ok well they are "little" eggs" but these pullets are really good.  So tomorrow I fill in the blanks so there is a pair or trio of all the colors and some muscovy ducklings to clean up the pesky mosquitoes.  Hey this is getting to be a real farm! 

So this Blue Silkie is not mine,  But thought the pic would do till I have one of my own.  So this is a chicken???  Wait till you see the black rooster that has a golden mane with red highlights and white feathers in his perky tail.  He is very beautiful.