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Butterfly Larva Kits

Butterfly Larva Metamorphosis
Kits & Presentations:

Observe the changes caterpillars go through to become
beautiful butterflies.  Grown in Manitoba and delivered to
your classroom, with life cycle materials and activities 
appropriate for kindergarden to grade 6. Delivery charge
is @ $25. per school.  There is no GST /PST this year.  
Delivery of Kits will be in May in time to emerge by the end
of the school year.  It takes approximately 3 - 4 weeks for
the larvae to develop and emerge as butterflies depending 
on the weather.  Cold weather slows the process down 
and in warm weather they grow rapidly.
Please note these are very teacher friendly kits.  There is 
no mixing of food or transfer of larva.  Everything is done
for you.  Just observe the changes in the larvae and when
they hang as chrysalis, the filter is moved the emergent cage.
If you are new to the experience of raising butterflies in the
classroom, you might want to consider a presentation on the
life cycle and metamorphosis process.  The children love it. 
The presentation is a hands on experience for the kids to see
all the stages.  The children are involved socratic style with
questions.  They are very good with sharing what they already
know as well as remember from the poem that we start with, 
as it reinforces the experience .  The children get very excited
when the different components are passed around .  They see
the tiny eggs through a magnifying glass, and view each of the four instars of  the larva.  They love to see the larva directly out
of the container . (With the kits -- I don't encourage opening 
the lid or taking them out as they might not make it)
The larvae are really funny and will lift up their heads and look
around at the children.  The kids giggle and shriek.  It is quite
exciting for them.  Then they see  the chrysalis and how it 
wiggles.  What goes on inside the chrysalis is discussed 
and the children are amazed.  Also included is  a comparison
of Monarchs to other butterflies and the Painted Ladies and 
also comparison to moths, what butterflies are good for, how 
they hear, see ,smell, crawl, fly and communicate; what and 
how they eat,  and especially what happens in the magical metamorphosis into a butterfly.  There is a lot of information. 
At the end they get to see and hold a butterfly in their hands.  
The butterflies are amazing.  But the children have to be quiet
or they will fly away.   So this encourages the children to quiet
down after the initial excitement.  It is best to use a room with 
a window and not high ceilings so a classroom works fine.  So
if they fly they will go to the window and are easy to retrieve. 
The butterflies will "talk" to the children, so information about
how to talk to the butterflies delights them  Teachers love to
take lots of pictures.  
There is information about development of each stage with 
the materials included with the kits.  The materials for each 
project can be xeroxed.  There are games, coloring pages, 
and charts to plot development.  The exciting part is the 
observation of life changes.  But  the eggs and early stages
of larvae are too fragile to include in the kits, so are only 
available in the presentation.  The  presentation ends with 
 the North American Native People's Legend of the Butterfly.   
The presentation works fine for 4 yrs up. It is adapted to the 
younger ones with different questions for older children  Kids
seem to go through a stage at 4 - 7 years where they are
enamoured with bugs and they are most interested of all.  
However the presentation is mostly geared to the Life Cycle 
curriculum of grade 2 and fits very well as a project for this
grade.   But the presentation works great for any age.
Whole schools sometimes take on a project and the older 
grades get information about the environment and other 
aspects not relevant to little ones.  Even the teachers love it.
Some teachers repeat it every year and some just give the 
children the info themselves in subsequent years.   It works
well for a whole school if they have a project like a butterfly garden.  Information about the plants and how to attract 
different kinds of butterflies, is also included in this kind of 
Each presentation is designed for about 45 minutes. But it 
usually goes an hour. 

The  presentations are very popular so now the presentations 
are done in April and delivery of kits is in May.   Butterflies 
can be kept  for about a week before they are released if the 
weather isn't warm enough or raining.  There is a legend of the
butterfly for the release where the children make a wish before
they let them go.  It makes a nice little ceremony. 
The deliveries of the School Kits are done by the end of May
so there is still lots of time to emerge before the end of the 
school year. 
Please inquire if you have more questions about the kits or presentation. 
Presentations are available for single or double classrooms. 
A single classroom is 25 children or less.   A double is no 
more than 45 children.  Please!  The children get very excited 
and have a richer experience if  numbers are kept to these 
limits.   Arrangements can be made for whole schools with 
several  single classes or doubles.  When arranging for
presentations.  please include with your order a time schedule
 for lunch and recess as schools all differ with times.
Single Classroom Presentation $86. 
Double Classroom Presentation  $105.
For several classrooms or whole schools, each successive single presentation  is  $55.  or double $75.
Classroom Kit   $108.
Includes larva for each child  (25  larva)
Please specify if more than 25 in a class.  
Artificial Diet for Larva/ include Containers
Butterfly Nectar
Instructions for Raising & Releasing
Life Cycle and Habitat Materials, 
including butterfly activities
Release Legend
Classroom kits come with a LARGE
reuseable screened emergent CAGE
Classroom REPLACEMENT Kit   $85.
25   Painted Lady Larva
Artificial Diet / Containers
Butterfly nectar
Instructions, materials & release legend  
This kit is the same as the Classroom Kit but has no cage. 
Instructions are included for making a tulle emergent container. 
Starter Kit    $85
Includes  16 Painted Lady Larva
Artificial Diet/ Container 
Butterfly Nectar
Instructions for Raising & Releasing
Life Cycle and Habitat Materials
Release Legend
This Starter Kit includes a MEDIUM size
reuseable screened Butterfly Cage.
Starter REPLACEMENT Kit   $60.
Includes  16 Painted Lady Butterfly Larva
Artificial Diet/ Container
Butterfly Nectar
Instructions, Materials & Legend. 
Instructions are included for making a tulle emergent container 
Includes 8 Painted Lady Butterfly Larva
Artificial Diet / Container 
Butterfly Nectar 
Instructions,  Materials & Legend
There is no cage with this kit.
Small cages suitable for 8 larva are available   @ $12.
These small cages are child size and hold 4 - 8 chrysalis.
It is suitable for home hay care,  home schooling projects
and for a children's home kit.   
Instructions for making a tulle container are also included
with all the replacement kits.   




If you are ordering by phone please include the school and phone number as well as the contact information of the teacher. 

If you have not ordered before please ensure that you include all your information including your email and fax number.  The fax machine will be on mornings for your convenience.

Prices are subject to change.  Please check back in 2023  when new info will be available after covid. 

Presentations will be in April as much as possible with deliveries in May.  I am running into May if if you would still like a presentation.  Please contact me for dates and information.  




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CLASSROOM KITS  @ $108 With large cage = ______ 


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