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The Story of the Tessie Bears
This is my restored childhood bear.  It was a  much loved beautiful pink mohair bear.  It always
seemed to me that it was a "she" because it was pink.  But it didn't have a name.  Just Bear. 
One day as I was going through some things in preparation for a move, the old bear was found.
It had no eyes was well worn in several spots and quite distressed.    At the time in my fiberart|
ventures, I was experimenting with a way to use handspun mohair to achieve a type of


This is Stardust, my favorite Tessie Bear.
She reminds me of my first childhood bear
that was pink mohair.  Stardust has wooden
joints, glass eyes and silk paw pads.  She
wears a Tapestry ribbon jacket, and has
antique colored rhinestone star buttons
in her hair. Since she was my favorite and
I had a hard time letting this bear go.  She
really made me feel like Gepetto and was
a creation that took on a life of her own .  But
I am happy to announce that Stardust now
been sold and has gone to live with other
rare bears, in the home of a collector.   
If you would like a Tessie Bear like Stardust
you may order a your own custom original
in your favorite color