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Natural fiber HATS are a favorite that I have been creating for 20 years.   There are several styles available but the favorites remain toques, cloche style,  tams, and caps with a peak in 100% handspun angora & 100%  kid mohair.   Most are crocheted and available in natural colors including white, charcoal (as natural black), chocolate brown and red  (in angora and mohair red is a ginger color.) Hand  dyed colors in beautiful deep shades, pastels, or blends are also available.  

Another favorite women's hat is the felted brim hat.  The brim 
is 100% handspun angora,  the hat is wool, wool & angora or wool and mohair, handspun knitted, wet felted & blocked.  This is a very warm,  dressy classic style woman's hat.  Available in the natural colors and some hand dyed colors.   A picture of this hat is in the collection photo below with the white Pocho and other fiberart  in the lower left corner.  It is dark black with a natural black charcoal brim.  Separate photo to come.

Men's styles in toques and caps also available. Hats are custom fit.  Each hat takes at least 8 hours to make not including the time for the care and feeding of the animal. It takes the animal approximately 1 month to grow the fiber for a hat, neck scarf or mitts.

These are very warm cozy natural fiber hats.  You will never  be cold wearing one of these hats designed for Manitoba    winters.  They naturally wick moisture  and have minimal shedding as the fiber is hand harvested and handspun. Great for outdoor enthusiasts.   They are washable and will last for years.

Please see page on washing & care of your natural fiber hat. 


100%  Angora or Angora Blends          $100.  +  S & H/Del 

100%  Kid Mohair or Mohair Blends    $  80.    +  S & H / Del  

Llama & Alpaca prices similar. Custom orders welcome. 

Please see hats below for styles and colors available.