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Heritage Hatching Projects


Part 3  PRICING:

The total cost for the Hertage Hatching program is $250 and includes Silkie hen/egs & supplies with free 1 hour classroom presentation, as well as free delivery and pick up of the chickens and supplies.  NoTax.  See Heritage program #1 to see details of this Kit.

If you prefer not to have the hen and have your opwn incubator these kits are available:

Individual fertilized hatching EGGS  for incubating are $4. each + delivery..  (Either Americana Blue eggs or small Silkie eggs). 

 Hatching Kits are also available for incubating.(Requires that you have your own incubator) .  Kit includes  fertilized eggs,  straw for the new chicks, feed and educational materials :

* KIt #1  includes 6 fertilized eggs and supplies is $50 +  delivery  and with the presentation $100. + delivery.

** Kit #2  with 12 fertilized eggs  and supplies is $85 + delivery and with the presentation is $130. + delivery.

Presentations are also available without hatching any eggs.  The chickens and eggs and little chicks will be brought for the chidren to experience..   Single classroom @ $60  max 28 children.  Double classroom @ $85.   max 52 children.  .

The delivery or mileage cost is a flat rate $25.

Silkie Chickens available come in white, black, red,  blue or partridge colors.   They are easy for children to handle and are a very endearing way to learn about the stages of development, raising them for food and the significance of  heritage breeds.    

 Please inquire and book early as there are a limited number of chickens available.