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Heritage Chick Hatching School Program




Teachers have you tried hatching chicks from eggs in incubators, or have you wanted to try this with your classroom?

Hatching eggs are now available if you have an incubator and would like to raise Silkie chicks.  This year Creature Comforts Cottage is also offering a unique NEW program.  

In our highly technological world, industrial farming has become commonplace.  This means chickens no longer have the capacity to brood and raise their young as it has been bred out of commercial breeds that are used for consumption.   There are a few HERITAGE chicken breeds that still have this capacity.   Silkie chickens are great brooders.  They are also the best chickens for children to learn about  and raise.  They make great pets and are a small breed, gentle, beautiful and delightful to watch, and one of the oldest breeds of chickens dating back to Marco Polo originating in China.   It is a small breed of chicken also known as a Bantam and weighs about 2 - 3 llbs. These are happy, healthy little free range chickens that will give the children much delight as they watch them take care of the eggs and look after the chicks. 

As farming becomes more industrialized we are in danger of losing the genetic diversity of our rare heritage breed animals, and with chickens this important capacity to brood and raise their young.   So as we are wanting to teach children about living in a greener world,  these projects are wonderful to help them develop the values and skills of food production and nutrition  as well as support the heritage breeds for posterity.