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Heritage Hatching Project

Part 2 Raising Chickens for Eggs

As many families are starting to have gardens again it is becoming popular to have a few chickens and fresh eggs.   Many schools are supporting children to learn gardening skills with school garden projects.  So another addition to this kind of program for older children would be to raise a few chickens for eggs.  These are very child friendly little heritage chickens and have been used in 4-H projects for many years to help children learn about raising chickens for their eggs.    So  another project offered by Creature Comforts Cottage will be to offer the older grades the essentials for this kind of project with a presentation on what is involved and how to build a little chicken coop.  The chickens will also be received back at the end of the term if you would like.  The eggs, like vegetablea are edible.   This project will be available as soon as the snow is gone and days are warm enough possibly Easter.   It falls on April  8, 2012.  The hatching program can be earlier but the egg laying must be warm because the chickens will be outdoors.  Plan on having it near the garden area.